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Using state-of-the-art technology packed with user-friendly features, our event software is designed to revolutionize the way events are planned, managed and executed. We believe that bringing event organizers and venue staff together to collaborate is the most effective way to produce smooth, successful events.

Our system offers event software and tools that are unique and perfect for today's mobile-minded market. If you are interested in learning more about how InviteBIG can assist you, please contact us or request a demo today.
InviteBIG Software
Relaunched with a new look in 2014, InviteBIG was originally founded in 2011 with the goal of bringing organization and peace of mind to the often hectic lives of those who manage venues and organize events.

Our team has several years of experience in event planning and management along with software development. This background has provided us with an intimate understanding and connection with our customer and their needs. This ultimately motivates us to strive to provide the best event software applications as possible.
Our event software supports a wide range of venues and events:
  • Performing arts and festivals
  • Galleries and museums
  • Banquets and conference centers
  • Fun & Amusement Centers
  • Concert & Music Halls
  • etc
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Once you begin booking online with InviteBIG, you'll wonder how you ever managed to organize events without it! Manage every step of your event, from booking to payment to event updates, all in one convenient place. Explore our Software for Events »


InviteBIG provides a suite of tools for venues to achieve a state of organized Zen. Manage complex scheduling, catering requests, booking requirements, online payments and more.
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InviteBIG offers plugins to integrate with Google Calendar and most websites to provide a seamless event booking experience throughout the web.


Our reliable and friendly support team is available to answer any question as quickly as they come in. We offer real-time chat to remove the barrier of waiting for a response.